Wedding day is one of the most wonderful days that a couple could ever experience in their entire life. If you will be tying the knot soon, here are five wedding planning tips for you to consider to get that unforgettable wedding day.

Determine How Many Guest You Will Invite

Guest should come first in the planning list. You need to make sure that no important guest will be left behind to share this monumental day with you. Get the number of people who are expected to attend your special day. Also, you need to make sure that the wedding and reception area is spacious enough to cater to even the people who are not part of the official guest’s list.

Watch the Hindrances

Do your due diligence and check for conferences, parade, and other events that are scheduled on the month of your wedding. Having these kinds of events coincide with your wedding could spell a major disaster so choose a different date. You can visit the official website page of your city or state to get a snippet of the upcoming parties and events.

Prepare for a Bad Weather

To ensure that your wedding day will be a success, you also need to check the local weather condition. Now, if the weather bulletin suggests that your wedding will fall into a sort of ‘humid’ day, you can always make the necessary adjustment like transferring the venue to an enclosed and elevated place.

Prepare Your Wallet

If you are planning to get married, you really need to prepare yourself and your pocket as well. Just try to imagine the cost of the top-of-the-line catering service, reception venue, and even the place where you will spend your grandest honeymoon. If really need, you can get yourself a credit card to help for the financing.

Create a Satisfying Meal Plan

You also need to prepare a meal plan to ensure that your guest will be provided with only the sumptuous and satisfying food. Remember that there are people who are not used to eating particular food such as pork, shrimp, and chicken due to health reason or religious inclination. So, you need to adjust. Ask your chef to come up with the best alternative menu that will cover the food preference of most people.