All brides want to look their best as they walk down the aisle. The bridal look will dictate how happy the bride will be on her wedding day. She has to look glamorous in all angles in preparation for all random and planned photos. Choosing the right shade and style will help bring out her best and most natural look.

Every year, makeup artists come up with new trends that will make brides look stunning. The goal is to keep things natural and let their beauty shine. This year, new styles are booming to make the big day timeless and memorable.

Emphasis On Your One Best Feature

You have to closely study your facial features with the makeup artist you will have for the wedding. It is best to try out certain styles and see which compliments your look best. Put emphasis on your best facial features. Highlight the area, like cheekbones, eyes, brows, or nose. Put the best game for one focus feature. This will create the most natural looking makeup.

Natural Glowing Skin

For several years, foundation and concealer are every bride’s best friend. But present generation brides are moving away from wearing this heavy makeup layer. Instead, they focus on having a naturally glowing skin pre-wedding day. They start skincare routines as early as 6 months to 1 year before the big day.

Neutral and Metallic Tones

Brides are loving the natural look. To achieve the style, they opt for different shades of neutral brown. The trend has been said to have originated from the ‘90s. On one hand, bronze shade on the eyes is in huge demand. They also expect more gold glitter and shimmer for 2019 brides.

Bold Lips

It has been ages since the lips have been out into the top spot in bridal makeup trends. But the present style of neutral, natural tones allowed the lips to stand out and make a statement of its own. Try different shades to know which color best suits your skin tone.