Flowers give weddings a different effect.  It provides a charming and whimsical feel to the overall mood of the occasion. It is therefore essential that you choose the best person to be in charge of creating this magical ambiance for your big day.

To help you hire only the best florist, here are some points to discuss with them:

1.    Cost

First and foremost, you should have a set budget. Discuss it with your florist to clarify your limitations and expectations. This way, you can avoid overspending or getting less than what you paid for.

2.    Experience

Do not hesitate to ask your florist about their experiences with their craft. Find out how long they’ve been doing flower arrangements, how many weddings they’ve done, and how familiar they are with your theme.

3.    Portfolio

Ask to see samples of your florist’s work. Nowadays, these can already be viewed online but you may also ask for a tangible sample. This is necessary to ensure that their work will suit the floral arrangement you are envisioning.

4.     Timeframe

Hire a florist several months prior to day of your wedding to allow sufficient time for preparation. Keep in mind that flowers bloom in season and some may not be obtainable at the time of your wedding.

5.    Schedule

Be informed about your florist’s work calendar. Ask about their schedule on your wedding day.

6.    Extra charges

Check the costing you receive for any extra charges. Additional expenses might arise during the preparation so it’s best to clarify this with your florist.

7.     Fees

Discuss the payment method with your florist. Generally, florists require for an initial deposit but have different terms when it comes to the payment of the remaining amount.

8.    Set Up

Ask your florist if their service includes setting up the flowers at the venue. Likewise, discuss what time the flowers will brought and how much space they will require.

9.    Post Wedding

The flowers are yours to keep however; there are other materials that your florist may ask you to return like vases and/or jars. Plan these post-wedding concerns with your florist.

10.    Lastly, check with your florist about their liability insurance.
Coordinate with your venue provider and florist to see what is required. It’s a good precaution to take to ensure no additional stress will come up on your big day.