A lot of newlyweds dream of an exotic island getaway for a honeymoon. Apart from planning the wedding day, the honeymoon is also a big day to consider. It is an extension of the celebration of your unity as husband and wife. Since you want to celebrate love, the venue for your honeymoon should be somewhere romantic and unforgettable.

A lot of couples are now looking at spending their night on a romantic island. Since booking an island honeymoon can be a bit tricky, it should be planned ahead. If you are thinking of having one, here are guides to planning that perfect island vacation.

Sketch the Plan Months Ahead

You can’t decide on the same day as your wedding. It has to be carefully planned months in advance. Islands are not like hotels ready to take you in any time. You need to book a flight or schedule the place on its best season.

Most importantly, you need to take into consideration the weather for your chosen month as booking in a bad season could turn that romantic honeymoon into a nightmare.

Consider Your Dream Activities

A honeymoon is best spent by making love with your partner. Besides that, however, you should consider partaking into some romantic and fun activities that you can enjoy as a couple. Perhaps a candle-lit dinner by the beach, or kayaking along the coastline, or even an underwater adventure like scuba diving. Talk to your spouse about it and think about the things you would like to do together. Most Islands offering honeymoon experience to newlyweds also offers various activities on the side, so you can just straightaway book them together. Your chosen location should keep you busy with their offered activities.

Discuss The Budget And Time

One critical factor to consider when planning your dream island honeymoon is the budget. You should discuss it as a couple and layout on the table how much will you be willing to allocate for this, while also taking into account other expenses for your wedding day. If you have an excess budget from your wedding preparations, you can reallocate them to your honeymoon budget.

Airfare cost, duration of island/hotel stay, extra activities, food, shopping, and miscellaneous expenses must all be taken into account when drafting your budget. If you plan to visit another country, look into entry requirements like passports and visa. You need to get all the paperwork done before the set date. If you can, try to input a rough estimate of each item on a spreadsheet to give you an idea of the total cost needed. Trim down unnecessary expenses to fit your desired budget.